R. Nulman


“I can’t say enough about Jeanne. We’re first-time home buyers, who started looking just as shelter-in-place started due to COVID. This meant that what’s normally a stressful, uncertain process became even more uncertain. Thanks to Jeanne, however, it wasn’t stressful, and we’re extremely thrilled to have found a place. Buying a house can be a big decision. Jeanne helped us do it the right way. In our first call, Jeanne was upfront about what we know / don’t know about the market (remember early days of COVID?). She wasn’t pushy and didn’t “sell” us on anything. Instead, she provided us with the right information so that we could evaluate the risks on our own, and ultimately feel comfortable with our decisions. As we went through the process, Jeanne helped us learn about different areas, and hone in on what was right for us. She has deep knowledge about the bay area, because she’s lived here and worked in real estate for over a decade. She pointed out things (good and bad) in each home, that helped us become better evaluators. I learned so much. When it came time to make an offer, Jeanne listened to our needs, concerns, hopes etc. and she provided excellent guidance on how to make an offer that we felt comfortable with, and that put us in a position to be competitive. Ultimately, we ended up buying a house that we’re thrilled with. We’re moving in tomorrow. As importantly, throughout the journey, Jeanne provided top-notch guidance on real estate, a thoughtful and empathetic thought-partner, *tireless* effort in the background (her hustle to call people, text, email, go over in-person, to make magic happen for us is legendary). Beyond all that, it felt like we were on this process with a friend who genuinely wanted what was best for us. I can’t say enough about how grateful I am for her help.”

F Christen

First off, Jeanne is extremely knowledgeable about the Bay Area and the housing market. She has years of experience under her belt and always did thorough research for all the questions she did not have an immediate answer for. Since my wife and I decided that we must continue our journey despite the COVID-19 epidemic, her knowledge and various relationships within her network were indispensable in navigating the constantly changing real estate landscape – from securing quotes, inspectors and appraisals that were difficult to attain during this time. In addition, Jeanne would help us immediately review disclosures of any property that were interested in – identifying potential areas of concern and explained everything in a way that a even a novice like myself could understand. She would do this for us as many times as it took for us to completely understand what we were about to get ourselves into. Next, Jeanne made it clear through her actions that she would be with us for the long haul and wasn’t just there to make a quick buck. For instance, Jeanne never pressured us into buying a home that we were not comfortable with. If we were interested in a property, she would work with us on a strategy that would put us in the best position to win with the money that we were comfortable in spending – not the loan amount that we were qualified for. In addition, she provided various pieces of information (such as information on how to write an offer letter) that would give us an edge over other bidders. Moreover, Jeanne would also give us timely updates through text, email, phone and video chat so that we would never be confused as to where we are in the process and what we needed to do. Like a good parent, she held our hand when we needed it but ultimately, she needed and wanted us to understand that the choices we were about to make were our own. Finally, what I truly appreciate about Jeanne is Jeanne herself. We know that Jeanne has other clients but it never felt that way. She made herself available to us morning, noon or night and was more of a friend to us during this time than people we have known for years. As an agent, she is savvy, organized and knows how to use her resources to its utmost potential. As a person, Jeanne is thoughtful, caring and warm. She knows how important this home process is to me as an immigrant and how important it is to my wife and I as a couple. We literally couldn’t have done it without her and for that, we will always be grateful and appreciative of what she has helped us achieve.”

Ramos Goytia

“Jeanne was extremely helpful with finding my dream home. Within a couple years, she helped me find and investment property. She scoured the area and presented my husband and I with a list of options that met the criteria on our ” wish list ” . Whether it’s your vacation home, dream home , or future project , Jeanne is your person !”

M. Cruz

“Jeanne helped us purchase our first home. She is very helpful, knowledgeable and professional. She gave us detailed information on the step by step process, and let us know what works and what will not work. Very responsive, she gets back to us right away. I recommend Jeanne to all my family and friends who is looking for realtor.”

M. Kalaw


“Buying a House in this economy is definitely not an easy thing to do. Going into this market you need to know what you’re doing and TRUST the person who’s representing you. We were so lucky to have an Agent like Jeanne. She was all of the above and more. She was on time and open and honest about all the situations we would face. We had full confidence in her ability and knew that she wanted what was best for us and not just another sale in her books. I’m very picky and at times a bit hard to please, but Jeanne knew what we wanted. Didn’t waste our time and even went to show us a house on Christmas Eve. When times got rough and we felt discouraged she always found a way to stay positive and keep us focused on our goal. I can’t say enough on this review about how Jeanne went above and beyond for us. At the end of our long journey to find a home, we found our Dream Home and couldn’t be any happier. Jeanne is honest, very responsive, and an expert. She never put us in a position where we felt uncomfortable. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Jeanne. If we could give her 10 stars we would give her 10 out of 10!!! She not only found our Dream Home but helped sell our previous home for a RECORD high. She RAISED the Bar. She not only meets but consistently exceeds our expectations. THANK YOU Jeanne for making our dreams come true. We are so blessed to have someone like you in our lives..”

Joanna C.


Jeanne was highly recommended to us by friends and she has been an absolute pleasure to work with!  We feel so lucky to have had her by our side this past year as we became first time home buyers.  She has a wealth of experience and is extremely knowledgeable about every facet of the real estate market.  She is patient, empathetic, responsive, detail oriented, collaborative, and genuinely had our best interests at heart – we never felt pressured or pushed to make a decision.  She went above and beyond every step of the way; she even helped us with the design process and finding contractors after we moved in to our home.  We think the world of her and look forward to working with her more in the future.  Thank you, Jeanne:)!!

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