How We Buy

Buying a home is one of life’s most important decisions, and your choice of Realtor will make the experience either exhilarating or tedious. Above and beyond finding you homes that fit your specific criteria, I’ll walk you through the entire, often intricate, buying process.

“That up front honesty made it clear that Jeanne was the right agent for us and we felt so relaxed and cared for throughout the entire process. “

-Jessica S.

From evaluating your finances and how they affect mortgage pre-qualification, identifying homes, clarifying contract terms and conditions, strategizing for the best deal, guiding you through escrow, and even managing your expectations to ensure they are grounded in reality, I’m here to make buying a home a more pleasant and uncomplicated encounter.

Steps To Buying


Hire An Agent

When purchasing a home, the right agent will be your best friend. Hire a professional you can trust, who understands your objectives, and one who will work with you to achieve your goal, not their own bottom line. Experience matters in this industry, so hire a Luxury Realtor whose years of training, insider access, and invaluable resources will benefit you most.

evaluate Finances

Shopping around for the best program and assessing your financial comfort level are key elements in taking you to the next step. Your financial situation impacts your buying options in the competitive Bay Area market, especially if you plan to take out a mortgage through a lender to pay for your home. Non-contingent offers are attractive to Sellers and more common in today’s market. With heavy competition, it may take a no-loan contingency to win an offer. This strategy poses higher risks, so it is very important to have solid financing in place. I can connect you with experienced and honest loan agents and help you ask the right questions to choose the best lender for you.


Searching for a home is the fun part! Choosing the right neighborhood and home will determine your future quality of life. My expertise in the San Francisco – Peninsula – Bay Area real estate market keeps me in the loop of available homes best-suited to your budget, lifestyle, and personal needs, allowing me to tour you first before someone else snaps it up.



Real estate jargon can be tricky to navigate on your own. I’ll make your contract and inspection reports easier to digest. I will present to you all the different options in how we can conduct our due diligence in addressing any potential red flags in a home, as well as provide you with honest solutions to overcome any concerns.



I love a good deal and I want the same for you! Rather than sell you something you don’t want, I’m here to listen, understand your needs, and work at your pace. I’ll help you strategize and turn on the heat when necessary to broker you the best deal or mitigate any issues with the other party.


It’s during escrow that you lock in your loan, schedule appraisals, conduct inspections, and do a total walk-through of the house. Now is the time to really get to know the house well, and if any problems come up, it opens up the possibility of renegotiations or resolutions. I know exactly what to look out for during this process, making it easier to discover any critical issues that need attention. Furthermore, my network of resources helps make for smoother transactions with all the parties involved.

Taking it to the finish line in the last few days of escrow requires intense coordination with the title company, lenders, and Sellers. I’ll be with you until the end to smooth over all the little details. Once your loan is fully approved and signed, the deed will be recorded as a final step and the keys are yours to keep! Congratulations – your dream comes true as a homeowner!





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