How We Sell

Financially and emotionally, your home is an integral part of your life, so the decision to sell a house should be taken with careful consideration. There are several factors to consider: from determining a marketing strategy, pricing the home to attract buyer interest, and partnering with the right local agent to guide you through the entire process.

“Jeanne is the best! It’s with her guidance that we were able to buy a home, and sell our condo practically at the same time! Which seemed impossible when the idea first came to mind. But we did it! And couldn’t be happier :)”

– Karen E.

I want to help you meet your goals in selling your home as quickly and efficiently as possible. There are so many complications in life, but selling your home shouldn’t have to be one.

Steps To Selling

Hire an Agent

Anyone can sell their own home, but hiring a seasoned realtor to achieve maximum market value and give you peace of mind is priceless. I live and breathe real estate. Anyone looking to sell their hard-earned property will greatly benefit from my professional insight and invaluable information about the market, the property, and the intricacies of each real estate process involved only a luxury realtor with my experience can easily navigate.

Pricing is key

The list price can hurt or help the sale of your home. With my expertise, I can help you analyze your home value and offer you a comprehensive outlook on neighborhood market data and competition. We can discuss different strategies and the impact of a list price, to help achieve maximum value.


Home Preparation

When you list your home, you’ll want it to make a grand entrance as soon as it goes on the market — so let’s prepare to make it sparkle! This goal is to show buyers an ideal home they can imagine living in and creating a buzz that will have them fighting over it. From improvements, staging, media, and more, I have an extensive network of resources to work with to help you achieve this. The right preparation of your home, listing it at the perfect time, and then potentially receiving multiple offers is the key to achieving the maximum value for your home.

Marketing and advertising

Whether it’s using the most advanced marketing tools and technology in the market or going back to basics like using newspaper ads, I will access all the necessary channels to ensure maximum and proper exposure for your home. Rest assured that your home will reach as many potential buyers as possible, in the best possible light.


Disclosures, Inspections, Contract Terms and Negotiation

Sellers Disclosures and Inspections — Providing complete Seller disclosures will avoid haunting you later. I will present you with all the different options for how we can conduct our due diligence in addressing any potential red flags in your home, as well as provide you with honest solutions to overcome any concerns.


Contract Terms and Negotiation Let me hold your hand through the negotiation process and translate any complicated real estate terms into something easy to understand. I’ll help you strategize and turn on the heat when necessary to broker you the best deal or mitigate any issues with the other party. I love a good deal and I want the same for you! We have the same goal: to achieve maximum market value for your home and feel good about it.


Escrow Process to a Successful Close

During the escrow process, it’s crucial that we keep track of the buyer’s loan, appraisals, inspections, and walk-throughs. I will ensure this process runs smoothly, and more importantly, take care that the deal does not fall through.

Taking it to the finish line the in last few days of escrow requires intense coordination with the title company, lenders, and Buyers. I’ll be with you until the end to smooth over all these little details. How wonderful to be able to sell your house and seal that deal! Congratulations on selling your home!





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